Driving business of sustainability

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  2. Driving business of sustainability

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Policy and goal for sustainability management

      The Company’s vision is “To be a leader in Construction services with the most competitive capabilities and potential, playing a part in the steady and sustainable prosperity of Thailand”, therefore, it determine to running business for the accomplish goals under basis of good and efficient operation. In order to have the effective growth which cover all aspects such the economic which be able to competition in the construction industry and provides the highest return according to the Company’s goals. For the social responsibilities; such socities, environment, safety, and code of conduct for the business operation, the Company take into the awareness for all stakeholders such as customers, creditors and/or business partners, employee, shareholders, investors and financial institutions. Including, all communities near by the Company’s factories and construction sites, etc. The sustainability strategies are as follows:

  • In every work process of business operating, in order to comply with international standards and its responsible with caution performance and create the highest benefits to all stakeholders with equally. To accordance with the laws and regulations of all relevant agencies. And transparency operation, supporting anti-corruption, and effectively of risks management in the Company.
  • Determination of improving the quality of construction services to cover all requirement of target customers which leads to the creditabilty and creating the business value to the customers as well. Moreover, make its customers satisfaction by delivered construction works on spicific time which could be have a re-employment to create long-term growth business for the company.
  • Concentration on the efficient resources used both reducing and controlling of the environmental impacts by encouraging employees to be aware of the importance of the climat change and environment. Including, the importance of safety in terms of health and environment for the prevention of accidents or illnesses, and damage to life and property which caused by work activities. Moreover, create benefits for the community and other agencies to improve the living and better social environment.
  • Career and human resources delopment within the Company with providing the continually training to enhance their competence which are related to work efficiency and productivities according to the specified standards of works. Including, encouraging employees to have the career opportunities and stability in their work to comply with the principles of human rights and equality which are the drive of the sustainability ofh the Company in the long-term business.

Scope of Sustainability Report

      This report is part of the annual report which have the objective to report the sustainability development. And the management processes’ disclosure with results, both directly and indirectly. The sustainability is contributing to social responsibility in three aspects such economic, social and environment to comply with the significant matters which might be impact to all stakeholders. The scope of sustainability report is resulted from CAZ (Thailand) Public Company Limited and its subsidiary’s operating from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021.

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