Chairman Message


from the Chairman of the Board

        The new wave of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak situation in Thailand throughout 2021 caused the Company to adjust business processes in accordance with limitations on economic and social aspects, a new normal. The Company’s executives have therefore specified risk management measures for proceeding cautiously. In its internal management, the Company communicated to employees their respective cautious self-protection and adherence to COVID-19 prevention measures as specified by authorities, placed importance in the setting up of work environment which is pandemic-free, and promoted employee hygiene in compliance with the Company’s highest standard of measures. In its cooperation with suppliers and business partners, the Company jointly planned work, closely coordinated through meetings to discuss and consult in relation to mutually accepted work plans, and promoted cooperation and teamwork to deliver high-quality output to project owners.

        The Board of Directors would like to express appreciation to all executives and employees, who have together managed various risk factors, which have emerged, with care and caution throughout 2021. This resulted in high achievement of the Company’s operating results, to satisfaction. The Company generated THB 2,199 million in total revenues and THB 138 million in net profit, and had THB 1,973 million in total assets, reflecting an 18% increase from 2020. The Company additionally developed space and office building at Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province, with the aim to advance the quality of occupational health management for employees, leading to increased production capacity, reduced assembly cost, and enhanced personnel productivity to THB 5.1 million per person per year. In terms of marketing, the Company has construction contracts not yet recognized as revenue of THB 3,989 million in backlog as at the end of 2021, and has allocated a budget for investment in digital technology machinery and equipment to increase production efficiency and propel the Company’s potential in generating higher revenues in the coming years.
        Business environment in 2022 still holds a number of new risk factors and complications in management, no less than the previous year. As a result, the Board of Directors continues to place emphasis on close corporate governance in all aspects to deliver quality work to project owners on time, support executives in more effectively managing risks and enforcing internal control, and promote compliance among employees in proceeding in line with business ethics and honesty for the fair benefits of business partners, cooperation partners, and all stakeholders.
        On behalf of the Board of Directors and executives of the Company, I would like to express gratitude to shareholders who have placed confidence and trust in the Company, and supported the Company’s business well throughout the years. The Company strives to enhance the quality of business management through transparent disclosure of information, cautious risk management, continuous business process improvement for efficiency, and review of operations in all aspects for utmost efficiency, to gain acceptance by project owners and players in the energy, petroleum, and petrochemical industries domestically and internationally.

Mr. Narongrit Tavornvisitporn
Chairman of the Board of Directors