CEO Message


from the Chief Executive Officer

             CAZ (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“the Company” or “CAZ”) operates its business since 2014, in providing a comprehensive range of construction related services to target customers, which are petrochemical plants, oil refinery, power plant and other infrastructures. The Company’s operation is wider than any other companies. We’ve provide Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services for every discipline of work such as civil and building works, structure piping and mechanical works, and electrical & instrument works, through our own manpower and worker without subcontracting. Meanwhile, the Company’s objective is to create the most customers’ satisfaction and be able to delivery projects with efficient quality and safety according to schedule which specified in the contract.
In 2021, Thailand’s economy expanded by 1.6% which was lower than estimation (and it has the expectation to expand in 2022 at the range between 3.4% to 4.5%). The reducing of economic expansion resulted from the investment of private sectors lower than projection caused by the delay of investing such from some large infrastructure projects both in EEC and other areas. Due to the delay of contractor’s selection process and delivered construction areas to private sectors. Including, the uncertainty of COVID-19 (Omicron) epidemic which reflecting to the slowdown of private sectors’ investment plans as well. However, in 2021, the Company continually received many construction projects, these because of the Company’s strive to deliver construction projects on time which are specified in milestone as contract conditions. Its leads the confidence and trustworthiness of project owners and main contractors. By these reason, the Company’s operating results of the year ended 2021, presented as consolidated financial statements which has total revenue from construction contracts amounting to Baht 2,195 million. Including, total backlog amounting to Baht 3,989 million. Moreover, the Company determining to be a leader in the construction services industry with having most competitive capabilities and potential, playing a part of prosperity of Thailand in steadily and sustainability. Regarding, the Company’s objectives to have the sustainable and stability growth, on behalf of the Chairman of Executive Committee and CEO, I would like to promise that I’ll keep moving forward to do the best of managing and performing in order to achieve the Company’s goals. In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to express sincere appreciation to our customers, shareholders, investors, business partners and all related parties who continue toshow unwavering confidence in the Company. Last, I would like to thank the directors, management team and all employees for their efforts, dedication, patience, and honesty in order to achieve the Company’s goals throughout the past year.

“The Company operates its
business on the basis of
transparency, ethics, adherence
to good corporate governance
principles, and compliance with
the laws relating to anti-corruption
measures strictly”

Mr. Chung Sik Hong
Chairman of Executive Committee /
Chief Executive Officer