Operational Structure

of the group of companies

           CAZ (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“the Company” or “CAZ”) operates its business in offering engineering design services, mechanical and equipment procurement, and comprehensive construction service or Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC). The Company has a strong commitment to work towards for achieving its vision and mission to serving all customers’ requirement in various industries. Especially, for customers in heavy industrial who have require the high quality and international standards. In addition, the Company does supporting the investment of both government and private sectors in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) development project. Which focuses on investment in infrastructure development and utilities. And increasing the potential of investment and develop economic activities in industrial estates. In order to support development plan of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand’s for real estate business in area of the eastern such Chonburi and Rayong province. The strategies and goals of business operations for sustainable growth are as follows:

Strategy and Business Goals


  • To develop and create a standard for professional engineering services
  • To achieve excellence in project operations in enhance engineering service capabilities and standards, receiving quality certification issued by the American Society Mechanical Engineers: ASME, which is an internationally renowned organization
  • To closely and continuously plan and manage operating costs for secure and sustainable growth


Business Goals

  • To offer engineering services for large projects of up to THB 3 billion, providing locally and internationally-accepted quality services
  • To expand the client base to Asia Pacific
  • To procure cutting-edge equipment and develop personnel capabilities to support future growth


Major Changes and Milestones

       The Company’s operating by Mr. Chung Sik Hong (Chief Operating Officer) and teams of experienced engineers, the Company is widely-accepted and known for its integrated services in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry, with the following key milestones.


  • Established with initial registered capital of THB 28.50 million, comprising of 285,000 shares with par value of THB 100 per share. The Company began providing its services mainly as subcontractor for civil engineering work.
  • Issued 260,000 new shares for a total amount of THB 26.60 million to Takuni (Thailand) Company Limited (TT) as co-investor, accounting for 47.72% of paid-up capital. As a result, the Company’s paid-up capital amounted to THB 54.50 million, comprising of 545,000 shares with par value of THB 100 per share.
  • Issued 40,000 new shares for a total amount of THB 4.00 million to TT to increase TT’s shareholding portion in the Company from 47.72% to 51.30%, changing the Company’s status as being TT’s associate company to being a subsidiary, with paid-up capital of THB 58.50 million, comprising of 585,000 shares with par value of THB 100 per share.
  • The Company purchased land, together with office building and factory building, covering 108 rais and equipment for a total value of THB 285.00 million, located at 239 Huaypong-Nongbon Road, Huaypong Sub-district, Muang Rayong District, Rayong. This for support the Company sale’s growth.
  • The Company invested in JKEC Company Limited (JKEC), a civil and foundation work construction service provider. The Company held 21,000 shares in JKEC, reflecting shareholding portion of 51.22% of paid-up capital, as part of cost control initiative for projects undertaken by the Company involving civil and foundation work.
  • The Company issued new shares for a total amount of THB 41.50 million, with par value of THB 100 per share. To serve as working capital and to support bids for new projects. As a result, the Company’s paid-up capital amounted to THB 100.00 million, comprising of 1,000,000 shares.
  • The Company transformed its status from CAZ (Thailand) Company Limited to CAZ (Thailand) Public Company Limited and increased its registered share capital by THB 40.00 million to support the offering of new shares to the public (IPO). In addition, the Company changed its par value from THB 100 per share to THB 0.50 per share. Resulting, the Company having registered capital of 280,000,000 shares, with a total paid-up capital of THB 100.00 million and 200,000,000 registered and paid-up shares.
  • The Company purchased 9,000 shares of JKEC, resulting in an increase in the Company’s shareholding portion in JKEC from 51.22% to 73.17%.
  • The Company offered to sell the newly issued shares to the public for the first time in the amount of 80,000,000 shares by selling the new shares to the subscribers at the price of THB 3.90 per share, totaling THB 312.00 million by the listed Company. And began to be traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 22 January 2019.
  • The Company invested in land Buildings and factories in Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province, with a total area of 79 rai 47 square meters in the amount of THB 100.00 million to support company capacities of existing projects on hand and additional future projects.
  • The Company invested in additional 43,902 ordinary shares of JKEC (a subsidiary company) with a par value of THB 100 totaling THB 4,390,200 and still maintaining the proportion of investment in the subsidiary at the rate of 73.17%.
  • The company expanded the steel structure work capacity for new contracts which has been signed in Q1/2020 to new factory located on Pluak Daeng District, Rayong Province, after the land, buildings and factories have completed renovation since April 2020.
  • The Company signed a construction contract for the Clean Fuel Project. The scope of works is procurement, production and installation of structural work, mechanical work, pipe work, totaling of Baht 1,608 Million, which is considered the most valuable project since the establishment of the Company
  • The company was registered with the Ministry of Commerce on May 11, 2021 to increase the registered capital from of Baht 140 million to the registered capital of Baht 147 million to support the dividend payment of Baht 7 million baht. By issuing new ordinary shares in the amount of Baht 14 million, with a par value of 0.50 baht per share. Resulting, a total issued and paid-up capital of Baht 147 million.
  • The company received the international standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management (OH&S: Occupational Health and Safety Management) (ISO 45000:2018). To help reduce wastage, accidental injuries,
    and protect employees’ health from work. Additional, to create a better working environment for employees in the workplace.
  • The company signed a construction contract of Olefins Plant Modification Project I-4/2, totaling of Baht 961 million, which is general construction to provide comprehensive of civil engineering and steel structure construction. As of December 31, 2021, the Group has backlog total value of Baht 3,989 million.

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